Our Story

Who We Are

We are focused on building long term relationships with our customers and our team members. We accomplish this by striving to keep our promises and providing excellent service with a personal touch.

What We Do

We began transporting dry bulk freight in 1972 from our Ohio headquarters. Today, we have terminals throughout Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana and Texas.

Our Strength

The true source of our strength is our size… not too big and not too small. This allows us to provide high quality customer service while having the infrastructure and equipment to handle almost any job.

The Early Days

Bulk Transit has come a long way since it was founded by Ron DeWolf in 1972. It all started with 5 drivers. Ron dispatched the drivers and maintained the epuipment in a garage located on Wilson Road in Columbus, OH. In 1979, the terminal moved to Plain City, OH.

Ron DeWolf in 1972
Bryan DeWolf sitting on one of his dad’s trucks in 1974.

Bulk Transit Today

Currently, approximately 40 people work at the main terminal in Plain City; drivers to mechanics to administrative staff. Ron’s children, Bryan, Brad and Andrea, started working for their dad as early as they were able. Today, the three of them, along with their 235 employees, work together to ensure that the seeds planted by their dad continue to flourish.

Ron DeWolf, his wife Gloria, and his three children, Bryan, Brad and Andrea in 2021.