Safety is a core value at Bulk Transit, and it starts with strong leadership.

We only hire highly qualified candidates.

We have invested greatly in recruiting. This allows us to keep our trucks full without sacrificing our standards.

Our Policies

The safety of all personnel, our customers and other highway users is paramount. Safety will always be an integral part of operations and the policies, procedures and programs governing our business.

We believe it is our responsibility to:

Provide a safe work environment
Provide required safety equipment
Provide safety training and counseling
Empower all employees to recommend safety improvements
Abide by all applicable safety rules and regulations
Insist upon a commitment to safety from every team member

These policies are reinforced during the driver’s daily meeting with their terminal manager. On average, there is 1 manager for every 15 drivers.

Our Technology

To improve safety for our team and the public, we regularly introduce new technologies including the following:

Continuous Electronic Logging
Video Event Recorders
Active Breaking / Collision Mitigation
Adaptive Cruise
Interactive Online Driver Safety Training
Follow Distance Reports
Speed Monitoring